At Real Time Pricing we do one thing. Provide you with Real Time Pricing.

We have spoken to hundreds of electrical contractors like yourself and asked what was important and what wasn’t.

The worry about bidding with outdated prices was #1 and cost was #2.

We also asked the question. What don’t you like about the pricing services that you have used in the past?

Overwhelmingly we were told that many contractors lock down yearly pricing for items such as Devices, Boxes, and fittings, etc. and when they updated their prices they had to reset those items.

Our goal was to meet these request

  • We offer simple one-click pricing updates once a month.
  • It only cost $33.00 per month. This is less than ½ any other pricing service.
  • With RTP you have the ability to update just the items that you select.

We also offer same day set up.

Give us a chance. You have nothing to lose but your profit!